“Think.Eat.Save- My Journey” by Meeckel

The need to eat local (and fresh) is even more important given today’s growing concerns of food security, economic instability, and health and fitness fads. Here’s an insightful read from my friend Meeckel on his part in the 2003 Jamaica campaign “Grow what you eat, eat what you grow.”

Think.Eat.Save- My Journey.

I too have made (however small) changes in my selections of foods in the supermarket, but unfortunately my current place of residence doesn’t allow me to plant, or even reap, any foods or fruits. I must admit, I am a little hesitant about going to Coronation Market, or any market for that reason, because of the time and toil that would require; the comfort of a nearby air-conditioned supermarket is a little more appealing. But I must change this. I’ll need company to go to; let me know who’s up for this. I am planning nonetheless to start a small herb garden from my balcony. I’ll keep you posted on this, hopefully sooner than later.

Eat fresh, eat local.



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