HoneyKist® Gourmet Flavoured Honey – 100% Jamaican

I am a happy camper! My very own package of assorted flavoured gourmet honey is here from HoneyKist Jamaica. If you haven’t at least heard of them then you totally live under a rock because these are a big hit and should be part of any foodie’s pantry.

100% jcan honey
100% Jamaican, 100% pure

The line of gourmet honey (HoneyFusions) is sourced and manufactured entirely right here in Jamaica by HoneyKist Apiaries (HKA) Limited, a family-owned, family-oriented business that truly embraces the eat local concept. The company prides themselves in harvesting 100% Jamaican honey at its peak of maturity and incorporating the purest of ingredients, nothing artificial added.

And they weren’t joking when they said “pleasing to the eyes, nose and palette.” The packaging is remarkably nifty and chic.

You can choose any of their five flavours: pimento, blue mountain coffee, lime , habanero pepper and ginger, or go hard and indulge in all five.

Camera 360The possibilities are endless with each distinct flavour, made with real ingredients. In fact, each bottle of naturally flavoured honey boasts the benefits of the actual ingredient it represents. So yea, you can actually take the hassle out of sourcing limes and mixing up that concoction for the common cold and try HoneyKist’s Lime Fusion instead. Wowza!

After much deliberation to open the jars because I didn’t want to mess with how attractive the packaging was, I was a little surprised how true-to-life each flavour was. My personal fave is the habanero pepper and blue mountain coffee. No surprise here since I’m a sucker for pepper and coffee.

honeykist honeyHoneyFusions are available in different sized individual packages for your convenience. Check them out on the web at www.honeykistja.com/ and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll be aspiring to develop an array of recipes with each flavour so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, go grab yourself a jar and let’s share in the #foodiebliss.

One love,

honeykistja banner


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