Lunch at Toss and Roll

I love to cook, and as such I try to commit some time during my busy weekends to let my creative juices flow in the kitchen. This means that I would usually have my weekend creations for lunch a day or two during the week. But Fridays are dedicated to exploring the city’s foodie hotspots. I am always on the lookout for new venues, and they are always popping up. Truth is there aren’t enough Fridays to keep up with the growth in numbers of lunch spots in Kingston, and you’d be amazed at how many have opened up in the last few months or so.

Anywho, I’ve (recently) embraced the #eatclean movement and as such have paid much (overdue) attention to eateries that offer a lighter, healthier menu rather than barging into the nearest fast food chain. So it wasn’t any surprise when I got excited and called up a few friends after hearing from a co-worker than there’s a new gourmet salad and wrap eatery in town called Toss and Roll. I didn’t have to second guess; I knew exactly where my good friend and lunch partner in crime Jo-Anne and I would be having lunch on Friday.

A super excited Stephen got hold of the owner’s contact details and called her up, expressing my content with the layout of the poster. Have a look:

toss&roll opening special

I made a promise to co-owner Keisha Bailey that I will be visiting her spot with a group of friends and she was rather accommodating; she even offered to set up extra chairs just in case.

(L to R) Latoya, Tassia & Jo-Anne

(L to R) Latoya, Tassia & Jo-Anne

Me and Daenia

Me and Daenia

Upon arriving, it was rather refreshing to see that all ingredients were prepared fresh right in front of your eyes. All the veggies were hand-cut, and not in bulk, as they were frequently replenished even within the duration that I was in line. I admit, I had to wait for a little longer than expected, but that’s ok if my wait is due to the time it takes to grill my chicken and assemble my salad and wrap in front of my eyes.

toss&roll salad bar

And the portion size was pretty decent, too. I got a mini chicken wrap (6”) and chicken salad for J$750 and a complimentary Watermelon Wonder green tea cooler…the perfect accompaniment to wash down a healthy lunch without gulping down those unwanted, empty calories.

toss&roll watermelon wonder

Watermelon Wonder Green Tea Cooler

Other choices included Mango Madness and Oh Yes It’s Orange.

toss&roll green tea coolers

My wrap and salad were pretty yummy: chicken breast grilled to perfection atop crunchy garden veggies, cheese and honey mustard dressing.

toss&roll grilled chicken salad toss&roll mini wrap toss&roll mini wrap2

The sudden downpour of rain wasn’t going to spoil our fun.


Or theirs…

toss&roll outdoor seating

Overall it was a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a healthier alternative to lunch. Toss and Roll is owned by spouses Keisha and Jermaine Bailey, currently operating from the Small Business Association of Jamaica complex, at 2 Trafalgar Rd (the first left after turning onto Lady Musgrave Rd. from Trafalgar Rd.) but as you’d imagine they may soon need to relocate to accommodate a larger following. Toss and Roll is opened daily from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and delivery is available. They can be contact at 876-879-3310, via email at and on Facebook.

Eat right, live better.


toss&roll banner


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