About Me

Hello. My name is Stephen Charoo and I am a Foodie.

¡Bienvenidos! I’ve been wanting to get my food blog up and running for the longest while but amidst the uncertainties of not knowing what exactly I wanted, along with my persistent procrastination I never really got around to it. But alas, it’s finally here – Recollections of a Foodie.

To date, my palate and culinary creations have been grounded in a colliding collage of Indian, Jamaican, and Latin American cuisines. Let me explain a bit more: born in Jamaica to a Guyanese mom and a Jamaican dad, where both sides of the family are from very strong Indian backgrounds, surely did influence my eclectic taste from quite young – whether it was curried channa and aloo (channa = chickpeas & aloo = potatoes) on a typical Tuesday, or baingan choka (baingan = eggplants – one of my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE dishes), what my mom and I would call our ‘Sunday ritual’, with buss-up-shut roti, of course. Yum.

The majority of my exposure to Jamaican dishes came from the paternal side of the family. Hands down, my dad makes the tastiest, most succulent jerk chicken, ever! The process is actually …a process. He starts a few days in advance with marinating the chicken in his special concoction of Jamaican and Indian spice rub (I’ll explain the full process and auction the recipe at a later date). Another of my favourite Jamaican dishes is mackerel run-down which I would look forward to from my paternal grandmother.

Empanadas with salsa de ají

As for my Latin American inclination, I spent a year in Colombia, where I really took every opportunity as the budding foodie I was to explore my city’s (Cali) edible delights. There I fell in love with arepas (I think I abused myself every morning with these things) which to my dismay are extremely hard to source in Jamaica, and empanadas stuffed with everything but cotton (don’t ask). And how can I not mention the endless assortment of baked goods from one of the many bakeries which just seem to pop up unexpectedly at EVERY corner.

Of course, I am more adventurous than just this and with an ever-expanding palate I am always on the lookout for new delights. I love eating out…not just for the high of trying something new, but also the chatter and camaraderie that are displayed around the table with great friends.  *drinks to this*

I love to cook for my loved ones and entertain friends and family. I accede, my blog is pretty much a mish-mash of food and ideas from everywhere! It is however a true representation of my diverse experiences and how I cook. I do hope to open my own restaurant one fine day, but for now I plan to share my experiences, creations and advice and hope you see it worthwhile in listening to my BS.

I’d love to hear from you, so before you leave, do drop in your thoughts, opinions or comments in the comments box.




19 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Love the blog thus far Mr. Charoo. All the best!!! *u affi go invite ovr fi sample sumtg one day enuh- lol

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