Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today I celebrate the birthday of my mom, one of the dearest persons to me, and to whom I owe the early beginnings of my culinary journey.


Mother dearest

It’s customary for me to take her to lunch at one of Kingston’s finest restaurants. But this time around I wanted something a little different. We had some catching up to do, so I figure we would drive out of town a little, have a few chats, while exploring the natural beauty of Jamaica. And that we did.

Views from the Palisadoes Strip, Kingston, Jamaica

Views from the Palisadoes Strip, Kingston, Jamaica

After about 20 minutes drive from my New Kingston apartment, a few stops and phone calls to confirm directions, and a few guesses of our own, we arrived at Gloria’s Seafood Restaurant. (No, it wasn’t my first time here, but I suck, I repeat, SUCK at directions. Pair that with a sh*tty memory and you have a killer combination.)

And so we arrived. I was excited to see mom’s reaction as it was her first time. She immediately commented on the scenic view of the mountains and sea, the serenity of the sea-breeze, and the welcomed difference of an open-air space as opposed to numerous indoor restaurants we’ve visited prior. I concur.

Views from the restaurant

Views from the restaurant

We went upstairs and got seated, well, took our seats. Two things flooded my memory about this restaurant: the food is good; but the service, well, erm, not so good. At all. Probably I am a little spoilt from the (few) occasions I’ve received good customer service in past restaurant visits. Devil’s advocate at play, it is Port Royal, a relatively small fishing town, where customer service is probably not front of mind.


Nonetheless, mom and I took the opportunity to bounce around a few chats, photo opps, gossip of surrounding patrons, and some photo opps. (Yes I am aware). After a heavy 10 minutes, and after summoning one of the servers, we were finally approached. We placed our orders and returned to our chatter. Did I say two things? Make that that three. The waiter was kind enough to advise us that the food is done to order, and as such will take at least 30 minutes. And that it did. Well, about 40, but who’s counting? Luckily we had ordered some fish soup for appetizers, but those were finished in no time.


A hungry Stephen

I allowed mom first choice to see what my meal would be.  Truth be told, I was eyeing the steamed fish with steamed bammy, but mom beat me to it.

Steamed fish & steamed bammy

So I went for the curried shrimp, and festival. Not a fan of (white) rice. It didn’t matter really because the rest of the time was spent crisscrossing hands in each other’s plate.

Curried shrimp

The food was as good as I remembered. The only problem I had with the food is that my shrimp was about 1 ½ minutes overdone. Mom commented on the small portion of the bammy, but personally that’s to my liking. I was quick to preach about portion size and ratio of carbs to protein. That quickly took care of that. I didn’t mind my two measly festivals among the sea of shrimp, nor mom’s three sizeable fish beside her ½ bammy. Extra points for protein! #fistpump

protein power!

This post was not meant to be an official review so I won’t delve too deeply into that. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly priced, perfectly portioned. Crappy service and waiting time unfit for the hungry. And impatient.

I definitely would return; for both the journey and the food.

Of course, it didn’t end there. Mom and I took our photo-shoot across the road where we had a good shot of the sea in the background.

I love you mom!

mom photo collage