ShakeItUp – Elle & Vire Honeydew-Cucumber Smoothie

Elle and Vire Honeydew-Cucumber Smoothie

Elle & Vire’s plain sweet yogurt gives the drink a smooth texture without being too creamy, maintaining the natural crispness of the cucumbers and cleanness of the naturally sweet honeydew melon. Throw in a few fresh mint leaves and you have a refreshing, yummy smoothie perfect for the summer heat.


I enjoyed this as part of my three-part breakfast (#fattie) but this can easily be transported to a cocktail drink by adding a splash or three of your favourite spirit.

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Elle and Vire Jamaica (+ FREE give-aways)

I concede, I’ve been MIA for a while now. Sincerest apologies. The past few weeks were spent prepping for my choir’s inaugural concert. We had a great show! Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve been able to breathe a little easier. Of course I had to make my return worthwhile, so I’ve got a few things in store for you loyal RF readers. Here’s a hint: France. Two return tickets to Paris maybe? Nah B, but it’s still pretty decent. Keep reading.

Recently I’ve come to the realisation that there really isn’t a strong presence of French products in Jamaica. In fact, I even found out that the majority of wines imported here comes from the US and South America, due to the lack of trade with France, and the high costs associated with such.

Nevertheless, pioneering French brand Elle & Vire has been gracing the dishes of Jamaican chefs and home cooks alike for the past decade or so, offering a variety of dairy products and bringing the characteristic French quality home to Jamaicans.

Established in 1947, Elle & Vire products are found on all five continents, in over 120 countries. Their mission is to offer the very best of French dairy savoir-faire to consumers and professionals.

Established in 1947, Elle & Vire products are found on all five continents, in over 120 countries. Their mission is to offer the very best of French dairy savoir-faire to consumers and professionals.

Elle & Vire is distributed by Chas E Ramson, one of the oldest distributors in Jamaica which started in 1922. The Elle & Vire line of products is managed by Kathryn Silvera, a 4th generation member of the Ramsons’ family business since May 2007.

Kathryn Silvera, brand manager for Elle & Vire Jamaica

Kathryn Silvera, brand manager for Elle & Vire Jamaica

Listen to the Elle & Vire jingle here.

Elle & Vire products

Their line of products include:

  • Assorted Fruit yogurts
  • 0% fat yogurt
  • Plain sweetened yogurt
  • Crème Dessert Puddings (Chocolate and Vanilla)
  • Yaggo milk – for kids (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry)
  • Yaggo Yogurt – for kids
  • Cooking Cream
  • Whipping Cream
  • Aerosol Whipping Cream (Original and Extra Light)
  • Salted, Unsalted and Low fat Butter
  • Yaggo Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
  • Yaggo Chocolate Spread

I will be developing some quick and easy recipes so check back soon for these. In the meanwhile, you can also check out the full line of Elle & Vire products on Chas E Ramson’s website: and like their Facebook page.

Current promotion Now is the best time to go and grab a few Elle & Vire products, and get a chance at some AMAZING prizes through their How Do You Elle & Vire competition. EnV Promo

Purchase J$500 + tax worth of Elle and Vire products and correctly fill out the slogan ‘How do you Elle & Vire?’ on the back of one of their entry forms. Attach your sales receipt and drop it into one of the drop boxes located islandwide.

You can get your entry form and do your drop off at any of the following locations:

Shoppers Fair Mandeville Shopping Centre, Shoppers Fair Caledonia Road, MegaMart Mandeville, Consumer’s Meat Plus, MegaMart Montego Bay, Loshusan, Sovereign, Brooklyn Twin Gates, Brooklyn Clock Tower, Lee’s Food Fair, Carihome Supermarket, John R Wong, Hi Lo Barbican, Super Valu, Family Pride, Hi Lo Fairview, Progressive Whitter Village, Shoppers Fair Westgate, General Foods Ocho Rios, New Champion Supermarket, Joong’s St. Thomas, Ramtullah, National Wholesale May Pen, MegaMart Waterloo, MegaMart Portmore, Michi Supercentre, Lee’s Boulevard Supercentre, Hi Lo Portmore, Max Value, Shoppers Fair Sav, Hi Lo Basics Montego Bay.


Elle & Vire products can be found at over 60 supermarkets islandwide.

More freenis!

Thanks to the kind-hearted Kathryn, I have some giveaways for three lucky RF followers. The challenge: name three distinct products from the Elle & Vire line. Ok, so maybe this isn’t much of a challenge. The first three RF followers to answer correctly in the comment box below will win a gift basket from Chas E Ramson. Scroll down and get going!

Hope you were a winner.