Cooking Guide For Veggie-Lovers (Infographic, Adapted)

Veggies [should always be] welcomed in one’s diet. But knowing the proper way to cook them may cause trepidation towards these innocent ingredients. Luckily enough, the kind-hearts at Domestic Superhero┬áhave come up with a quick cheat sheet that will eliminate the guesswork and allow you more time to enjoy some of the most popular vegetables.




Most veggies are best enjoyed when roasted, as roasting naturally enhances their flavour and has the added benefit of avoiding nutrient loss that may occur during boiling. It’s always good to coat with a little (olive) oil so as to reduce water loss during roasting and maintain moist, evenly cooked veggies. This is especially important for potatoes and sweet potatoes. Steaming is also a great option and much preferred to boiling , so grab an in expensive steaming basket when next you visit the store.

There are many recipes out there but some of the simplest include tossing your vegetables in olive oil, S&P, lime/lemon juice, and topping with your favourite herbs. A good home-made vinaigrette is always a good choice. Have fun with it.

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Cheers! – Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

This cocktail came to me one Friday evening with two of my dearest friends, Nakeeta and Daenia, after our regularly monthly Friday evening dinner splurge. They decided to stop by my apartment and by means of my usual hospitality, a cocktail was born. I had a pack of frozen blueberries in the freezer and thought that this would add well to my showmanship. It did. The cocktail which would have been a usual cloudy-green from the lime juice, morphed before our eyes from bore to a ruby red wonder with the addition a few simple frozen blueberries. The choice of Appleton Genesis was the perfect spike as it added the right amount of buzz without being too harsh. Don’t underestimate its strength though…after but two drinks, Daenia was knocked out completely, and Nakeeta was about to follow suit.

Try it out and make a nice impression with your mixology skills!

Spiked Blueberry Lemonade